Full Body Ultrasound screening is a safe, radiation free, first-line health awareness modality in many European countries. It is now in America for individuals looking to take charge of their wellness journey. The client observes for themselves what is occurring inside the body; often before symptoms occur. We may scan the carotid, thyroid,jugular, heart (the widow-maker is not visible), pancreas, liver, gallbladder, spleen, immune response, kidneys, reproductive system, bowels,lung apex,breast, and urinary & lymph systems. All of these areas are included in a full body scan. We screen blood flow, plaque, PAD, DVT/pulmonary emboli, and bone density. We also screen the MSK (musculoskeletal system), offer phonophoresis, and R.F. applications as they may help with bone healing, cellulitis, scar tissue, and other issues.

Office Session Pricing

Full Body Ultrasound Screen

$300 Adult (1 free scan for Child 11 years & under per parent.)

$150 Child aged 12-17

$150 Military & First Responders (ID required)

Single Organ Screen $150      

(Only available after 1st full body scan)

Scan one organ of choice for follow up within 1-2 months.

Radiation-Free Breast Screen $150

Musculoskeletal Screen $150 (infrared included)

This covers one phonophoresis session on a targeted area;

i.e. ankle, neck, back, shoulder, sciatic, knees etc.

RF/InfraRed Session $75

May reduce swelling and/or constipation.

Swedish Facial Rejuvenation $150

Swedish high frequency facial rejuvenation promotes your skin’s natural collagen production in a non-invasive manner. (Multi-session reduced cost plans available paid up front)