Schedule a series of scans in your hometown! Below you will find the guidelines for how to organize & schedule our team to come to you.

Benefits for Scheduling & Hosting
2 Free scans at $700-950 value. 1 free scan for scheduler and 1 for spouse or family member in recompense for: Scheduling, lodging, a room to scan in with electricity & bathroom access, a waiting area for clients, a full roll of paper towels for each day, trash can and plenty of good water to drink. We also require a massage table or equivalent, 2 chairs & a small table for equipment.
Basic Schedule
In order for us to travel to you, we require a minimum of 1 full scan day in Colorado or 2 scanning days out of state per trip. We will scan up to 3 days at a time, in or out of state. A minimum of 14 full body scan appointments per day + fitting in the 2 free scan appointments (16 total scans). The maximum amount of people to schedule per day is 17. Here is the link to our scheduling form:

Plan for 45 minutes per full body scan appointment to accommodate the flow of schedule grains, Each client must sign the consent and questionnaire showing up a few minutes early is advised. Preference is to begin scanning at 8 am, but we will begin at 7 a.m. if we have the maximum (17) appointments. Each person needs to fast for at least 7 hours before their scan. Black or herbal tea and coffee are okay. NO CREAMERS OR SWEETENERS. Diabetics may eat steamed or fresh vegetables or fruit no fats, grains, dairy, oil etc. may be used. PLEASE DRINK PLENTY OF WATER BEFORE YOUR SCAN!
Our fee schedule is $350-450.00 for full body scans depending on how far the High Frequency Living team must travel from their home office.
Cash or check only for payment. Payable to High Frequency Living
Extra Information
It is likely that some screenings may go over 45 minutes. We don’t adjust the schedule for that because it’s impossible to know which scans will be longer and which will be shorter. Patience is requested for those waiting because it may be a serious issue that needs closer attention and we will take a similar amount of time on their scan(s) when needed. We cannot schedule children at the child rate when traveling. It is difficult; we know many parents are concerned about their children. Children can be scheduled at the adult rate if desired. If clients visit the HFL office in Silt, CO, we are happy to screen two children (0-11 years old) for free, $150 for 12-17 yr. old per full body parent screening.
Please contact us with any questions.