Wellness is a daily practice that starts at home. Finding what you need can start here.

You will see below the links and brief descriptions of our favorite products we suggest and use personally. To determine which product is best for you and your body’s needs, we make personalized suggestions after your full body scan. There many different products we will discuss. These links and descriptions are just two of our favorite products among many we use and discuss and are here for your purchasing convenience based on your personalized wellness needs. Schedule your scan today! 


Follow this link to purchase or learn more about your ProArgi-9+: https://1896851.synergyworldwide.com/en-us

Essential oils support your body’s wellness using the plants’ God created chemical structure and their unique bio-available properties. Follow this link to purchase or learn more about Young Living Essential Oils & Supplements: https://www.youngliving.com/us/en/referral/11321058

There are many other wellness supplements and practices we can show you when you come in for a scan!

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